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NAACP AZ State Conference

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Our Minority Rights Movement

It's no secret that here in Arizona, our physical, educational, financial and civil rights are being threatened daily. From unchecked law enforcement agencies, the stripping of womens' bodily autonomy, the defunding of public education and a State Superintendent who simultaneously attacks student's of color, to housing inflation and a serious lack of resources and access to preventative mental health options, our focus over the next two years will be to build strong relationships with change makers and help put in place protections that every Arizonan can access.

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Everyone Counts


Voter Education

Our Voice, Our Vote

Protest March Signs


Ensuring that All Voices are Heard

Do Your Part

Be the Change You Wish to See

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Freedom Fund Gala 2024 Coming Soon

The Arizona NAACP Annual Freedom Fund Dinner is a long-standing tradition that brings together NAACP members and community supporters to raise funds to support the operations of our local Branch and Branches.

Our initiatives are needed as much now as they ever were. Every day we focus on these key areas: voter education and empowerment, criminal justice reform, public safety, racial health disparities, and economic inclusion, among other aspects. We couldn’t do this work, and accomplish our goals, without the generous support of our community, and monetary support of our mission by our allies and partners.

Invite Us Out!

Our work is never done, and we can use all the help we can get. One of the ways you can take part is by Organizing an Event or inviting us out, to speak, educate or simply be an ally. Spread the word about all that Arizona State NAACP is doing, and help us gain the support we need!

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Interested in learning more about how you can take part?

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